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Complete Guide About Warframe Harrow Builds

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Do you know in detail about the Warframe Builds? In this article, we’ve provided a detailed guide about one of its Warframe called Harrow Build. Without any delay, let’s jump into the guide and know more about Harrow Warframe.

What is Harrow Build

Harrow is a punisher Warframe because he is a dark cleric hidden in the shadows who releases the power to stop his enemies. You can find the Warframe Harrow build in the Red Veil Quest, which is nearly a deadly nightmare for those who cross his way. He is not everyone’s favorite, as he has both profit and loss in his abilities.

Harrow’s passive ability is Conviction and suitable for high-level missions like Elite Sanctuary or Arbitration mission. Below are the abilities of Warframe Harrow Builds and helps you to get more info about the Build.

Harrow Abilities

  • Condemn
  • Penance
  • Thurible
  • Covenant

Best Harrow Builds

Harrow build consists of various types of Builds with different various mods and stats. Here, we’ve provided the best Builds for you. Here we go with them.

1. The Standard Harrow Build

Once you know in-depth about the Harrow Build, you’ll make use of this Build in your gameplay almost for all the missions. The purpose of this build is to provide you with high shields. Also, the vitality mod will help you to survive in the battleground once you activate the ability penance. However, you’ll need the right amount of duration, efficiency, and ability strength while the natural talent offers you Quality of life mod.

You can build the Warframe Harrow by using the mods like Speed Drift or switch to Hunter Adrenaline. All the skills of the Harrow Warframe works well with the affinity range. Hence, there will be no use of the ability range. On the whole, the Harrow Build will not help you with its energy regeneration. So, if you wish to increase the ability strength, try using Umbral Intensify.

2. The Energy Harrow Build

The Energy Harrow Build in the Warframe is quite familiar to the Standard Build. But this Build brings you more range and provides an energy boost to the players while playing. All you need to do is, wait until you get the energy per kill. Mind you, you need to get a good amount of kills to retain the energy for your gameplay.

The Warframe Harrow Build is easy to understand. But, this might not help you with the bonus for the ability strength. With the aura polarities, try out to improve the protection using Warding Thurible.

Bottom lines

Warframe Harrow Build is a very strong Warframe, which depends on the level of missions or your gameplay. But he is quite enjoyable and fun when you have perfect Warframe Build. Equip the best Harrow Build and start playing the game. Good Luck!

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