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VPNs can be used for all sorts of internet able devices. Mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even smart televisions. As such, a deal of using a VPN occurs when you’re on the go. However, given that we use these devices in the home, VPNs are as well suited to indoors as they are outdoors. Particularly good use of VPNs is to unlock television content you wouldn’t normally have access to. Kodi is one such app which one can use to unlock television content. One would need a VPN for Kodi to access geo-restricted content. Once you have picked the right VPN, configuring VPN for Kodi streaming is a simple process. Given that a lot of the time, we like to kick back on our sofas or beds with a good film or television programme, a VPN might be just the thing for you and your home.

Best VPN for Home


The first VPN service I’ll be telling you about is ibVPN. This VPN might look a little clunky but it actually is quite good. The reason I mention this VPN in specifically is that it’s quite good for using torrents. And given that many people download content for home entertainment via torrents, this is a great VPN for the house as ibVPN has a custom torrent service. Whilst their support systems can be a bit jittery, the service is very reasonably priced. As such, this is an ideal VPN for the home.


Secondly, there’s Hidemyass. This VPN is very well known and this is for good reason. Hidemyass has a number of features, meaning that if you want to surf the web with confidence in your home, this is the VPN for you. Like ibVPN it’s great for torrenting, and what’s more, it has the custom tool ‘Secure IP Bind’ which allows users to connect to the web with security and confidence. Another great feature is ‘Speed Guide’. I’ve written about this before, and that’s because I love it! Hidemyass’s Speed Guide will ensure that this great VPN runs at the fastest speeds. As such, I’d recommend Hidemyass if you’re looking to use a VPN in your home.

TunnelBear VPN

If you are looking for free VPN product which is not loaded with irritating ads in between then TunnelBear is definitely recommended for you. There is no limit on daily connection time. But you have to deal with limited bandwidth and daily download.


SpotFlux is another free VPN service which does not pose any restriction on daily connection time. But you have to deal with advertisements during the use of the product which is not favored by many.

VPN Gate

VPN Gate is a superb free product which offers unlimited server locations, unlimited connection speed, no cap on daily data download and connection time. The best thing about this service is that it doesn’t keep user logs. This feature is absent in most of the free VPN services.

We have share you with the best VPN services. So what are you waiting for? Try it out and find which suits your need and enjoy the experience of unlimited streaming services.

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