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Best Kodi skins for Leia 2018

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Are you completely fed up with your kodi look? Looking for ways to change its look. There are two ways you can change our kodi. One is using kodi build. And the other is using skins. Build changes kodi on the performance level. And skins are changes only in appearance. If you are ok with the current performance of the kodi, you can use skins. If you are not ok with the current performance of the skin, you can go for builds. Before proceeding into the article, let’s discuss what are kodi skins and how to install them on kodi.

What are kodi skins?

Like the human body, skin represents the outer appearance. In a similar way, kodi skin represents how you kodi looks. kodi skins give a new look to your kodi. You can choose any of the skins. There are lots of skins available on Kodi. Kodi skins allow doing a lot of customization. You can change colors, position, and themes. Make the kodi skin to your taste, and never feel bored again. There are lots of skins available out there. You can use any of the skins, most of the skins are totally free of cost.

How to install kodi skins?

Go to settings > Interface settings > skin > Skin and get more.

That’s all now select your favorite skin from the list. There are lots of skins available out there. You can select any of them. And skins don’t affect the performance of your kodi. Just look at the overview of the latest Leia kodi skins.

Best Kodi skins for Leia 2018

Aeon Nox

This is the best kodi skin available out there. It is the best kodi build for the past two years. It’s holding its lot position with lots of updates and bug fixes. One of the big reason was, it has a lot of customization options available out there. This allows you to change themes, color, menus. And the best part is it allows you to change even fonts. undoubtfully its the best kodi skin for kodi krypton and Leia.


This is one of my personal favorite skins. I love this skins because of its black shades. And its one of the most used kodi skins. And it even has touch support. Sounds great right?! You can customize menus, submenu and you can change the shades of colors. It also has a script to change color automatically. You can also select widgets of your choice and customize them. If you are using kodi on your android device or any touch-based devices, it is the best kodi skin for you.

There are lots of skins available, and these are some of the most used skins. Make sure to try this skins and if you are facing any issue, do comment below. And don’t forget to explore more skins. There are lots of new skins released regularly. Make sure to check that out.

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