Kapture iPhone App Rewards You For Images Of Your Preferred Manufacturers

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One-Line Pitch: Kapture is an iPhone app that joins customers with manufacturers and companies in New York Town through images.

Why It’s Getting Off: Users earn rewards immediately for capturing photo of the manufacturers they really like and discussing them on Social media.

Whether of meals, outfits or favorite locations, you smart phone owners usually share images of all the things you really like. Now, a mobile app start-up wants to compensate you for doing so.

Kapture is a totally free mobile app that uses images to link customers to the manufacturers and companies they really like in New York City. If you take images of the product and discussing it via social media, customers immediately earn rewards in the form of discount rates or items.

The location-based app, which released on Wednesday, reveals customers a list of companies nearby in enjoyment, fashion, food, home, shopping and travel. Each company has a “moment” that customers need to take images of photo to earn the reward. If you select “Strand Bookstore” for example, the moment is to “kapture images of your new book” to earn a $5 gift card.

Each and every picture on Kapture is modified into a polaroid-style picture, which features a watermark of the brand’s company logo. Users have to publish images to Facebook or myspace or Tweets to declare their prizes.

From up to 300 companies in New York Town, customers can earn a variety of benefits, which range from meal to discount rates to totally free beverages, luggage and outfits. Users can receive their benefits immediately, save them for another time or give them as presents to friends.

“Kapture changes anyone taking images into a product ambassador,” Michael Szewczyk, creator of Kapture, told techmasters in an meeting. “This allows companies and manufacturers to benefit from the immeasureable images that people take each month, and customers to earn something outside of just public.”

Kapture has brought up $1 million in financing and plans to release an Android operating system app in 2013. The company has not developed a business yet, but is considering making money through analytics reporting.

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