Google’s Eric Schmidt Says, Android is Defeating Apple in Mobile War

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Google chairman Eric Schmidt has announced Android operating system the champion in its Mobile war with Apple organization.

In an meeting with Bloomberg, Schmidt said Google’s mobile foundation is increasing its lead over Apple organization in the mobile-software industry. He compared its success to the way Microsoft taken over the iPhone manufacturer in the PC business two decades ago.

“This is a huge foundation change; this is of the scale of 20 years ago — MS compared to Apple organization,” he said. “We’re successful that pretty clearly now.”

Latest research assistance Schmidt’s positive outlook, with Android operating system catching 72% of globally business in the third one fourth, while Apple organization took 14%, according to Gartner, which performs technology research.

Unlike Apple organization, Google does not create its cash on hardware; for this reason, it is willing to give away Android operating system because the OS’ extensive use helps the organization earn more cash from ads.

“The primary strategy is to create a larger pie,” Schmidt said. “We will end up with a not completely managed and not completely managed larger pie by benefit of open systems.”

Despite his confidence, however, other reviews suggest that Apple organization is getting ground in the U.S. smart phone industry, particularly since its launch of the iPhone 5.

During the meeting, Google’s chairman also called social-networking service Google+ a “viable opponent to Facebook or myspace.”

Which organization do you think is winning the mobile war: Android operating system or Apple? Discuss in content below.

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