Fake Antivirus Programs: How to Tell if it’s Legit

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One of the more creative ways hackers are infecting your computer is by offering a good deal on an antivirus program you can download. Instead, you download a virus. This scam can be a tricky one to detect and protect against because sometimes closing out of these pop-ups can trigger the spyware. Yet another way hackers are breaking through your online defenses is by disguising their pop up as an alert from security software which will prompt you to take swift action by either clicking on the pop up or by closing out of it; both can activate the virus.

Some signs that you may have a fake antivirus program on your computer are that your device has noticeably slowed down, you’re are getting pop ups even when you’re not online, and these fake program also tend to have a lot more “infection alerts” than a real antivirus program.

There are some ways to guard against these scams:

1. Use a reputable browser.

2. Make sure you are using a real antivirus program on your computer and you have the firewall enabled.

3. Do not click on any pop ups advertising antivirus software. A quality Internet security program, won’t use pop ups to advertise their product. The best way to avoid the pop ups completely is use the ctrl+alt+delete function to access your running programs and close out of the pop up that way.

If you suspect your computer is infected, call your antivirus software provider ASAP to have them remotely see if your computer is safe. When on the internet, your instincts, savvy, and firewall are your best defenses against virus threats, so stay informed on the latest online security threats.


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